About Moonen Group of Companies

Benefit as a result of bundling of power 
Under the flag of Moonen Group a number of companies bundle their power. This bundling of power is more than just the sum of its parts. As a customer, employee or other relation you reap the benefits from this unique cross-fertilization. Your benefits are not limited to our extensive experience and specialized knowledge in the individual industries. The economy of scale of a central car fleet, central purchase and shared departments for ICT and HR also benefit you.  

Your quality and supply reliability. Our care.
Rely on the power and value of seven individually operating companies. At first sight they seem to be active in different industries, however, there is a common denominator. As a customer, employee or other relation you always come first at the Moonen Group. All companies give priority to quality and supply reliability. We respond to your demand in a flexible manner. Our vocabularies do not include saying “no”. Curious yet? Call or send an e-mail to set up an appointment.   

The companies in the Moonen Group - a bird’s eye view

  • Irmato: Multidisciplinary engineering and consultancy office for machinery and professional equipment
  • FieldAssist: Mobile application for companies with field staff
  • Prisma Worx: Motivated manpower for your production process
  • IPS: Loading teams and loaders for loading farming poultry
  • Vimo Investments: Manages and finances car fleets and/or machinery
  • Vimo Vastgoed: Investment Company for (primarily) commercial real estate
  • Wisbroek: leading breeding and study centre for (exotic) ornamental waterfowl and waders