Vimo Vastgoed

Kantoorpand Vimo Vastgoed, Vitor Moonen

Real estate for subsidiaries
Vimo Vastgoed invests in real estate, primarily in commercial property. The focus lays on housing for companies that are part of the Moonen Group. We respond quickly and adequately to the needs of our subsidiaries. Years of experience, an eye for service and quality and an excellent knowledge of the real estate market warrant that attention. Currently, we manage a number of buildings in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.   

Housing for staff
Vimo Vastgoed leases or buys homes in the vicinity of locations where production workers of International Poultry Services (IPS) and Prisma Dienstverlening are working, in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. You benefit from this as well. Commuting is time consuming and devours energy for our production workers. In their own housing they feel more at home and as a result they are motivated and work more efficiently.